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As effective on January 10, 2019, there will be no inmate-to-inmate correspondence within this facility. Exceptions:
Intra-Inmate Correspondence shall be allowed between immediate family members in order to maintain family contact. Immediate family is defined as:

  1. Spouse
  2. Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Son or Daughter. Step or adopted family members may be included.

Otherwise, your mail will be returned to the sender, delayed by this facility, or possibly destroyed as contraband.

    1. Letter size and card size shall be no longer than 6" x 9". The only exception is legal mail.
    2. No newspapers, catalogues, magazines or books will be accepted.
    3. Money orders and cash will not be accepted. Checks from other institutions only will be accepted. (No Personal Checks)
    4. Anything such as stamps, writing paper, envelopes, polaroid pictures, etc. will be treated
      as contraband and destroyed.
    5. Receiving packages through the mail: FedEx, UPS or U .S. Postal Service will be refused in the main facility.
    6. All white goods must be ordered from canteen.
    7. Any prescription medications, eyeglasses or braces, etc. will have to be approved by the medical staff.
    8. Incoming mail with no return address will be considered contraband and WILL BE
    9. No stickers and/or drawings can be on the envelope anywhere. Plain paper ONLY will be accepted on written incoming mail. No construction paper. No paper with plastic coatings or embellishments will be accepted and will be returned to sender. No musical cards. No lipstick on letters or envelopes. No crayons.
    10. No puzzles, newspaper clippings or internet printed pages or articles.
    11. Photos are limited to no more than 10 photos 4 x 6 or smaller a month. No pictures with any type of nudity or revealing clothing. No pictures of bras, panties or nightgowns. No photos on computer paper.
    12. No paperclips, staples, or any type fasteners attached to any correspondence or envelopes.
    13. All incoming mail should have the following:
      Full Name
      Cell/Pod Number
      Hardin County  Detention Center
      100 Lawson Blvd
      Elizabethtown, KY 4270 I